Another Vinyl Goldmine – PrePlayed Madison

Dalton and I stopped in at PrePlayed. I have bought many a used video game there, and even back in the day a few books and I knew that in the past they had albums, I had purchased a Cure album for Abbey for Christmas there, but the last couple times I have stopped in I was on a mission and didn’t wander. I figured they still might have some.

Do they still have records? Yes!

Just past the DS games in a glass case there is a little room that holds posters, laser discs, and yes… vinyl.

I took a shot of Dalton checking the bins on the table.

2013-02-23 12.01.41

There were a lot of records there. Probably quadrupled since the last time I was there! They used to only have the rack (far right) above the bins on the floor and one bin. At that time the selection was pretty limited. Now there is a pretty good selection indeed. There were easily 50 I would have purchased.

They even had Beatles! I was actually stunned at all the good stuff they had. They were a bit expensive, but the few that I pulled out to examine the record itself looked very clean. These are not Half Price Books 1 dollar discount records. Had I not been on a self imposed cool down period in my record purchases I would have walked out with half a crates worth.

The room was definitely a goldmine.

There was a special bin labelled METAL. There wasn’t much in there that I recognized, but they did have “Judas Priest – Unleashed In The East”. I was drooling at the stuff on the racks alone. Cure, Beatles, Alice Cooper, Wings, Kiss, Radiohead… good stuff. I have to say, they nailed the presentation. I didn’t know where to start.

Here Dalton examines a potential purchase.

2013-02-23 12.01.51

I probably could have afforded one, butI don’t know how I would have chosen just one. Too many good ones here.

We both walked away with no purchases.

Preplayed used to have records downstairs back in the day. One day I followed the sign down the dark stairwell to the racks and racks of records. At that time I had no interest in them, but it was interesting down there. They stopped selling them for a while. Glad the records are back.

Good place for a returning to records collector to go.

I walked away with no purchases that day.

I’m sure I’ll be back.

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  1. That was a great place to look at records if you’re looking for real good albums and ones that mean a lot from the past in our musical lives. The artwork means a little more and is a little cooler when it’s an album that means a lot to oneself.

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