The English Beat – Majestic Theater March 22 – Madison Wisconsin (Pre-Show)

Tonight is The English Beat show that Dalton and I are going to.


I have listened to all the Beat that I have. All 3 albums, and 2 KEXP Live Performance Podcasts that I came across from just a few years ago on I-Tunes. They are still available, go check them out.

The podcasts gave me a good idea of how they sound these days as opposed to almost 20 years ago. Different yes, but still great. There is always the chance that the band will not live up to expectations (like my Blue Oyster Cult experience) but I think this will be a great show.

We are going to be on the floor for this and try to get down front. Maybe I’ll be able to get some better pictures than I did at DJ Shadow. A bottle of water and some merch on the way in and then creep forward during T.U.G.G. (the opener).

I’ll bring a sharpie just in case.


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