Media Rewind

I remember being in grade school and we had a lesson in which we all got copies of an old catalog (Sears Roebuck?) and we got a list of items and each person looked in their own catalog at the prices for the items. Each person had a catalog from a different year and then we graphed the price increases over the years. History, economics and math all rolled into one.

It was interesting to look back. The unintended funniness of some of the ads and offerings.

I look at equipment and music ads the same way. They are anecdotally historic and amusing now when I see stuff like this.


Available at Woolworth and Woolco. Record from one tape to another. With a radio!

What about this record sleeve?


Attractive, Informative and Easy To Store.  OH! According to this they make a great gift. When you give it as a gift, make sure the recipient knows how to care for them.


Hours of fun can be had!

There are tons of old ads like this out there. Thankfully there are folks out there that appreciate these as much as I do. A few moments on Google is a trip down memory lane.

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