Reverend Horton Heat – Live On King Street 8-23-13 (Pre-Show)

Tonight is Reverend Horton Heat on the street outside of the Majestic. This is a part of their “Live On King Street” concert series. Free live summer music! You can’t beat it.

Live on King Street Flyer

The weather is mercifully on a cool snap and it will only be 80 today. That is above my melting temperature, but not too bad. From the pictures I have seen of other Live On King Street performances, it will be crowded and I have no idea how it will turn out, but… that is the adventure.

Rev Horton Heat

The Reverend Horton Heat was introduced to me by Dalton back in the Erdman days. He gave me “Reverend Horton Heat – Holy Roller” and it was crazy punkabilly and it was so not like anything else I was listening to. I loved it. The songs that have always stuck in my head are “400 Bucks” and “Wiggle Stick”. I have been playing the “Holy Roller” album and “Martini Time” that I recently got from Otis. Great stuff. Fun and perfect for summer.

This is his tour poster, during which he is stopping in on King Street.

Reverend Horton Heat Tour Poster

Doors open at 5 and there are 2 openers: Wayne Hancock and The White Iron Band. Not sure when we are going to arrive, but we may run into Josh P. from work and Otis and his family.

Might take my big camera to this show.

In case I can’t get to the obligatory marquee picture here is one from the Live On King Street Facebook page.

Reverend Horton Heat Marquee Shot

See you there!

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