Abbey’s New Record Player Area

Ok, it may not be a Man Cave, but it is in Abbey’s new place in Connecticut where she lives now. Her new record player area.


Record player poster, records and the record player (sporting orange vinyl).

I have to say, when Abbey bought a record player years ago, I never thought she would use it past the summer that year. She has, and she has devoted space to it.

I have outgrown even the 2 bins I have.

2013-10-05 13.00.49

Not sure what to do now. I may have to split the records into frequent, sometimes and rare playing status and take the rare’s to the basement so that all the frequent and sometimes vinyl fits in the bins. Plus, I need to think about the space I have when I purchase MORE vinyl. It is going to be a cost vs space vs perceived play frequency everytime I pick up an album.

I think I may have as many albums now as I had back in the day.

Time for some wooden crates.

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