Marquis Hill – The Brink Lounge – 02-09-2014 – Pre Show

I wrote about Marquis just recently and was pleasantly surprised to see he was playing in Madison. Cindy and I saw him in Chicago at Andy’s a few years back. I bought his “New Gospel” CD from him during the break and have really dug it.

I am taking Joey to this show. He had been playing trumpet in school (now french horn)and I wanted him to see some live jazz. You know, exposure. There is something about seeing live music that transcends just hearing it on CD. This will be the first show that Joey has been to. Should be a good start.

Father son bonding too.

Here is the write-up from the Madison Music Collective.

and this from the Isthmus

Marquis Hill Announcement Isthmus

I’m taking my CD in case there is a chance I could have him sign it.

I played Joey a video of Marquis from the Madison Music Collective site, so he knew what he was getting himself into, and I said, even though you are playing horn now and not trumpet I still think you will find it cool.

He reminded me he wants to play BOTH trumpet and French horn.

Atta boy.

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