YesSongs, YesSir… and some Clapton Too

I have had a rocky road with Yes in the past and only in the last few years really given them a chance again and discovered that I really do dig them. I have picked up several albums and have seen YesSongs in 3 or 4 places but it was just too expensive.

YesSongs is the triple album that I had once back in the day. It is a mammoth collection of live material. I bought it as a first listen to Yes. I usually started with a band’s live album to get to know them. I only had a handful of triple albums. I recall listening to this one and not being a huge fan of the keyboard excursions… but that was then.

The day I was sick and listened to Yes all day in my half-coma state and seemed to hear them as if for the first time was the fire that drove me to purchase some of the old vinyl.

This week I was wasting time before a haircut and I wandered into Frugal Muse. They don’t have a huge turnaround on their stock, but once in a while you can find a gem. Like this time. They had YesSongs, and for only $4.98. I bought it.

“Yes – YesSongs”

2014-05-31 07.01.07

It is in pretty good shape and I love all the art too.

2014-05-31 07.01.412014-05-31 07.01.22

This is a prog rock icon and a steal for under 5 bucks.

Also in the rack was this classic.

“Eric Clapton – Slowhand”

2014-05-31 07.00.45

Perhaps my favorite Clapton song of all time in on this album… “The Core”. This album, which I think I got from someone at UWM, was responsible for my foray into Derek And The Dominos and Blind Faith and White Boy Blues… and a host of other Clapton projects.

2014-05-31 07.00.55

You just can’t go wrong with this album, though “Wonderful Tonight” is not my favorite. A little too “and now the bride and grooms first dance together…”

This one was only $2.98 and I walked out happy.

Thank you unknown used record seller to Frugal Muse!

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