Fandango! No!

So… in my newly begun time of buying vinyl again I have purchased easily a hundred or more. Sometime I have found old favorites, experimented with new bands, or bought albums for pure aesthetic value. I don’t think I have been disappointed by even a single one…

until now.

At the outset, let me explain that I do like Z Z Top, in fact I would say that several of their albums were pivotal in my life. “Deguello” and “Eliminator” were integral to my college years and I have been backwards and forwards in their catalog and I enjoy almost everything from the old blues styled stuff to the mechanical technical new stuff. So when I saw this Z Z Top album at Savers… I had to buy it.

2013-11-17 06.57.31

There was a 3 buck price tag on the front, but on the back…

BOOM! 99 cents!

2013-11-17 06.57.42

I looked at the list of songs and was surprised to find I couldn’t ever really remember listening to this one. So, I bought it. If nothing else, it had “Tush”

Normally I LOVE live music. However, this one was not good. Really not good. I was shocked and disappointed. I LIKE Z Z Top. To find that I was not enjoying this one was agonizing. It reminded me of a bootleg of a band in a small club that was just starting off and hadn’t quite found their way yet. That is probably exactly what it is I suppose, although it was their 4th album. It’s actually part live and part studio for the record.

I thought to myself, did I not really ever listen to this? Am I sure I have listened to older stuff by Z Z Top and actually liked it?

I recall an afternoon spent in my brother-in-law Steve’s garage where he played on an old stereo, on 8-track no less, the first whole album I had ever heard of Z Z Top: “Rio Grande Mud” their second album, and I was surprised to find that it WAS bluesy and actually very good. In fact, I think that is what sent me in search of my first Z Z Top album “Deguello”. The music was great and I loved the dirty south gritty blues stuff and was really impressed. So I know I like older Z Z Top.

I guess this one just misses the mark for me.

I put it in the pile to make record a record clock out of. It does have a nice label. It joins the scratched to hell Neil Young “Decade” triple album that I got only 2 records of (at a substantial discount, and one of which is now a record clock for my friend Bret) and a Cat Stevens duplicate album I bought and a few others.

Sorry Z Z Top. Fandango! No!

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  1. Fandango, Yes! For me. Like you I have a fondness for Deguello (actually I like most of their albums with Tres Hombres being peerless IMO) but Fandango has some good studio tracks also if memory serves (isn’t Heard it on the X on there?). Ah well, can’t win ’em all…

    1. Maybe that is part of the problem, seems like they couldn’t decide what kind of album to make. Studio or Live. Can you think of many other albums that are one side live/one side studio? Interesting.

      Now I’m gonna have to go listen to Tres Hombres. Lol

      1. Kiss Alive II had a studio side. Journey’s double live “Captured” the same. But yes, it’s unusual. Still, even if we can’t agree on the quality if the record, we can agree 99c was a bargain!

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