Still More Paul Black ! WANTED!… Do You Own These?

I wouldn’t say that I’m stalking Paul Black, but I do search for his stuff every so often. I still find a few things here and there that I don’t have yet, and am on the lookout for.

There are some good YouTube videos, and the Paul Black and The Flip Kings Facebook page that I recently wrote about.

Though I have searched Google for CD’s and Vinyl many times, I managed to come across a pair of CD’s where he is on a compilation that I have never seen before.

Sigh… they don’t seem to be available for sale anymore, though I am still searching.

For you Paul Black fans… take note.

The Beat of the City II - Live!

This Z104 radio station CD has 2 tracks by Paul Black and The Flip Kings. “Money” and “The Red Rooster”.

That would be awesome, so I am now on the lookout for that one. Have it? Contact me!

There is also this one.

Blues Town

This one is a compilation from the radio show “Bluestown” on Belgian “Studio Brussel” radio station. This 2 CD set has 1 Paul Black and The Flip Kings song “Murder My Baby”. This one is the exact time (8:26) as the track on “King Dollar” so I have to believe that it is just the album track and not an in studio performance. The odds of running into this CD anywhere is probably non-existent anyway. I’d like to confirm that if anyone knows.

This is the level I have reached.

As always… if you have any Paul Black and The Flip Kings I have not mentioned here on my blog… please contact me at

Paul Black and The Flip Kings Spoken Here.

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