Evidence Of The Giant Console Stereo

I have referenced several times the giant console stereo we had when I was young. Up until now it was only in my head. Recently however a photo album that my mother brought over held some photos that I hadn’t seen in a very long time. She was all like “ooh, look at my darling boy” and I was like “No way! The console stereo!”

I actually discovered from this photo album that there were 2 console stereos in my childhood.

This is mom and I circa 1964.


A few things to note. That is actually indoors, although mom is sitting in a patio chair. They didn’t have much when they started out. That was the furniture they had at the time. Of course, they did have the console stereo. Not sure who brought it to the family, but it stood on legs and this was the first time I really ever noticed that this was not the one I remembered, though I had seen this picture before.

Also notable are the record racks on either side. With some intense squinting at the actual photo I was able to make out that the front record on the left was “The Sound Of Music”. Classic.


A bit later it can be seen in a Christmas shot. I was clearly digging it. Look at that smile.

The console stereo that I recall, the one that I one day discovered my parents records in and was the start of my love of music came later. It was bigger, but I was taller and could stand.



I pinched my fingers more than once in that death trap of a lid. The radio was on the right and record player was in the center, with record storage on the far left. I made radio tapes by putting my tape recorder up to the speakers and trying my best to get all the song and none of the announcer. When my grandmother bought me a starter bin of 45’s I played them on here. Stacking a bunch and putting the arm over the pile so they played one after another. It was the start of a lot of music love. I don’t wish I had one again. I passed at picking one up for free this past summer at a garage sale. It was just too huge to drag home as a novelty.

I’m glad to have these photos as proof of it’s existence though.

Thanks mom for preserving these classics. Sorry I photo bombed the pictures of the stereo.

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  1. I have fond memories of that console stereo our family got at Christmas. I remember playing to death the Sesame Street records and later I played Sound Of Music LP zillions of times knowing all the words probably to this day. Not to mention we signed up for a record club, which was not dissimilar to the ones you and I joined, and we got 8 8-tracks with two of them being the 1st two Boston albums which forever changed my musical course.

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