To Dream Of Hendrix Bootlegs

The mind of a music junkie is a scary place.

This morning, in the beginning rays of dawn, in the weird half dream half wake cycle, I dreamed I was in a comic book store. It seemed very much like the comic book store in “Big Bang Theory” which I watched the evening before. Hmm…

After wandering around I noticed a door that had a sign above it that said MUSIC. I entered. It was an older area of the store and things were dusty and I felt like I was the only one to have come in here for a while. I wandered around and found myself near the back of the store where there were posters. I flipped through them and can’t really recall what I saw, but then I noticed a cardboard box on the floor with cast off damaged and crinkled posters. I looked through the box for some reason and below the posters were some records. I was surprised to find them here, and to my further surprise they were Hendrix bootlegs! Marked at only one dollar!

They were the paper cover kind. Like this one…

Hendrix Bootleg 2

Or this one maybe…


At a buck I nabbed them, even if they were bad, they would look good in a record frame.

I have a lot of Hendrix bootlegs, but, those of you who also do know that once you start, it’s hard to stop. and vinyl bootlegs… even better. If you are a digital guy, 10 minutes on the internet and you can have plenty to listen to. I have so much I am sure there are some I have never listened to that I own. That is the sickness.

JImi icons 1

In my dream I also have a strange recollection of finding a weird book shaped double 45 EP set of The Plasmatics in the box as well. That seemed very odd and it was while pondering this and turning to go to the register with my awesome 1 dollar Hendrix boots that my mind started to figure out that it was a dream.

I awoke empty-handed. Booooo….

The holy grail of Hendrix bootlegs for me (in vinyl)? I heard my co-worker Ted at Erdman talk about this one. Ted always would repeat Hendrix lyrics like he was at a poetry slam. It was hysterical. He talked about an old record that he once had that was inspired by the Coke logo. It was a great one. He brought it up to me every 6 months or so. “Did I ever tell you about this Hendrix vinyl boot I had? Oh man, it was awesome.”  Then he would break out in “Belly Button Window” or “Bold As Love” lyrics. Ted. He was a gas.

I did find a picture of it.

Enjoy Jimi Hendrix LA Forum 1970 Front[1]

I’ll find you one day! Maybe in another dream.


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  1. I know that somewhere in the boxes and boxes of misc. discs, dvds and other paraphernalia
    in my storage at my parents I have discs and discs of Hendrix bootlegs. I can’t wait to look through all those boxes some day and find all the amazing things I forgot about.

    1. At this point I would even dig those vinyl boots I used to have like “Happy Birthday” that was just Isley Brother’s stuff. You know, the kind that had songs you didn’t recognize the titles of and thought you were getting something super rare. LOL

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