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A recent request to post the following ticket stubs (here ya go Roberta!)



sent me to the ticket album that Abbey gave me as a gift.

2015-12-29 07.08.21

I have all my stubs in here. The 1992 Buddy Guy / Paul Black show is mine. The 1991 show is from the scanned ticket stubs I did for Dalton.

As I looked at the Ticket album afterwards I noticed something interesting.

2015-12-29 07.08.29

There was something about this orange ticket on the cover. It looked familiar. I looked at other tickets on the cover that had been given generic makeovers. One looked like it was from a Milwaukee venue.

I flipped the book over and there it was.

2015-12-29 07.08.38

Red ticket in the middle. The Barrymore! I knew it looked familiar. All I had to do was open the book and look at the tickets on the first page. Witness my ticket for The Feelies and fIREHOSE.

2015-12-29 07.08.54

Different color, but the ticket layout and the design were identical. So my Ticket Album has a local ticket stub on it. Wow. That was cool. I had to check this company out. My guess was that they were local.

Sure enough. They are out of Milwaukee!

Ticket Albums
P.O. Box 240365
Milwaukee, WI 53224

Abbey bought local and didn’t even know it. Proud to store my stubs in here!

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