The Aural Retentive – Vinyl Portraits On Etsy (Made Exclusively From Vinyl Records!)

Well, my vinyl record interest has blossomed into something else altogether.

I bought a scroll saw for a few projects around the house and to make some wooden record racks, and decided to see if I could cut an actual record with it. I had seen this done on YouTube with various tools and techniques and some really incredible results.

It was sort of a natural extension of my lyric portraits. In fact… I started with a picture of Bowie (the Alladin Sane portrait) and began to imagine it cut from vinyl. I had seen lots of people make bigger pieces using the label, but I felt that the label was always distracting. So to avoid using the label, I cut the picture into sections that would fit on just the grooves and the deadwax and not use the label at all. Then I could connect all the pieces to create the final portrait.

My first portrait also had some colored parts and I was able to find some old 45’s in red and blue to create the colored highlights.

David Bowie – Alladin Sane (black red and blue vinyl)


So pretty jagged in some places, but overall I was thrilled with the results.

I immediately went for a bigger project and created a 17 x 20 Kurt Cobain.


I learned some great techniques through some of my fails, and had created a set of about 8 portraits. I posted them on my YouTube channel

the recap video

and got a very positive response from all my VC friends!

Before I knew it I had investigated, built and opened an Etsy store!

Click the link above to sample my store and my latest creations.

Musicians made from music by a music lover for music lovers!

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