I’ve Given Up On Bob Marley


Well, not exactly.

I picked up this puzzle

(and also a red, green, yellow climbing chalk bag with chalk) for a few bucks at a garage sale a few years back and I have been kinda itching to do some puzzling. So, I cleared the table and set to work Friday after work.

Immediately I realized that this was going to be a lot of work. Too, there were pieces already put together. Reminder, this was a garage sale puzzle, so… used. Typically I would never buy a garage sale puzzle, but it’s Bob Marley. Had to.

Now there are 2 types of people in this world: Those that go through all the pieces and pull out the edge pieces to start, and those that just jump in and start building color areas and easy parts and eventually start connecting them. Those latter people are CRAZY. Ha ha.

I put on Netflix and started building and watching a zombie movie. When the movie was over I took stock of how far I had come.

This was NOT easy, the pieces (1000) were not going together easily. It was a struggle. I had the left and right edges almost completed, but there were a few pieces that I had apparently missed in my first sort and flip process. So… I did it again.

Found ’em!

I watched TWO more movies while simply working on the edges. I completed the top and bottom but when I tried to connect the left and right sides, there seemed to be extra pieces and neither side really connected. Huh? What the hell. There must have been more pieces I missed. Sigh. I was NOT going through them a 3rd time.

At that point, tired and with weary eyes, I decided that I was done for the night, overdone really, and needed to go to bed. So I covered the table with the table-cloth to keep the cats from making the puzzle pieces their new toys and went to bed.


The next morning I tried to decide if I want to write or get right back to work on the puzzle. Cindy was away for the weekend and I needed to get it done and off the table by Sunday, so I decided to get started.

Alas, when I went to the kitchen… disaster.

The table-cloth was on the floor and there were pieces were EVERYWHERE. Sad face.

I stared at the mess for a bit then made an executive decision. I don’t like to give up, but now I had started with a garage sale puzzle that might have pieces missing, and now pieces were everywhere. I had already spent like over 4 hours working on this, and I hated to quit, but to get to the end of a 2 day build and be missing a piece would be devastating.

Nope. Done.

I swept up the pieces off the floor and told them goodbye.

Then I listened to Bob Marley’s “Survival” album and started the rest of my day.

Sorry Bob.

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