Flight Of The Conchords – Live In London – Loser Edition

So props to Abbey on this one, she sent me a link to the new Flight Of The Conchords press about their new album with a link to order.

Hi Abbey!

I ordered and I did get the “Loser” Edition, which was a 3 LP clear vinyl with blue and yellow streaks. In a perplexing move, Sub Pop priced the Loser 3 x LP and the 3 x LP the same price.

Knowing what I know about folks in the Vinyl Community, there will be those who will probably order the simple black version on the basis that some picture disc, weird color or other variants can be of lesser quality at times, but, if they are the same price, I’m getting the colored vinyl.

and it is awesome!

As I was taking pictures of this particular disc I noticed that there was etching on the back side of this one. It says Flight Of The Conchords in concentric circles towards the center. Cool! I had no idea about that part.

I took about 10 more pictures trying to get a good shot of the etching, but it is just too hard to get with the camera. It is cool though. So really, this is a 5 sided LP set. My first.

I watched Flight Of The Conchords on HBO and loved them. When they released albums Abbey and I got them. I even picked up random tracks pulled right from the show.

The quote from the song “Hiphopopotamus Vs. Rhymenoceros” that went “They call me the Hip-Hopopotamus. My lyrics are bottomless” became a part of our banter for years.

So now this album comes along after what seems to have been a long long period away and I was stoked to get it. Especially the Loser Edition.

The packaging is interesting. 3 LP’s in one jacket. So it’s thick, but not a gatefold, which was a little surprising.

I have to say that the cover is a bit disappointing, and that carries over the to the back cover and the inner sleeves as well. The pictures they used seem like the shots that I take from shows, taken from the crowd or stage left (right?).


the music, which includes some new songs…

and the recording and music is GREAT.

Flight of the Conchords: Live in London Tracklist:
01. Father and Son
02. Band Reunion
03. Iain and Deanna
04. Inner City Pressure
05. New Zealand Symphony Orchestra
06. Summer of 1353
07. Complimentary Muffin
08. Stana
09. Stuck in a Lift
10. Foux du Fafa
11. Seagull
12. Mutha’uckas – Hurt Feelings
13. One More Anecdote
14. Back on the Road
15. Thank You London
16. Bowie
17. Bus Driver
18. Tuning
19. Robots
20. Shady Rachel
21. Carol Brown
22. The Most Beautiful Girl (In the Room)

There are stories and music and lots of different styles. I’m listening to the download as I write this and cracking up. I love it. These guys are great. Sadly “Hiphopopotamus Vs. Rhymenoceros” was not included, but “Inner City Pressure”, “Summer of 1353”, “Robots” and “The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room)” are highlights for me.

It came with stickers too.


The Sub Pop sticker made me think of Dalton. He had Sub Pop stickers on his laptop and externals. He loved Sub Pop. That was his jam for record companies. I may have to put that one on my new 8TB drive.

So as a package, it is fantastic musically, the vinyl is amazing, and if they had to cut corners on the photography and sleeve, I’m okay with it.  Glad I opted for the Loser Edition. Beautiful 3 LP’s with 5 sides of music and comedy, colored vinyl and etching too.

Shout out to Bret and Jemaine!

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